Are gaming laptops worth it

Are gaming laptops worth it? (15 reasons to know it)

Are gaming laptops worth it in this high-quality gaming phone era? then “NO” both have their own prospector.

Gaming laptops are much more costally rather than a normal laptops so I think most people say that gaming laptops are too worth it.

But it is not a good POV, actually, your looking only from one side, and you need to try to look from the other view men.

There are I think approx 9 -10 advantages of a gaming laptop.

And After both views are analyzed and then finally you can decide is it or not.

So that’s why I decided to create this post to clarify your dought about Are gaming laptops are worth it. with its related questions or Gaming laptop’s pros & cons.

How can you use Gaming Laptops For Other Things or many other interesting things?

Here you have 15 reasons to love or say worthy.

Before going into an explanation on Can a gaming laptop be worth the money?

I am gonna say that you are in good hands so don’t worry everything is fully explained in this post.

Let’s intro with the gaming laptop, what they are?

What are Gaming Laptops

A gaming laptop is characterized by massive memory, high-speed speed as well as better graphics, as well as powerful processing capabilities.

This is it. Let’s look at these special features a bit more.

What makes them special

Gaming laptops are created and built specifically with the latest gaming requirements in mind to ensure that you take on a battle with the capability you require to succeed.

With top-of-the-line hardware Gaming laptops are typically significantly more expensive than entry-level laptops.

If you don’t have much time for this then don’t very check this video, I hope it will be helpful to you

Why are gaming laptops too worthy? by Wrelatedquestions youtube team

Well, my friends, you have lots of questions regarding this like Is a gaming laptop better than a regular one?

But don’t worry I clear your all droughts.

Let’s talk about the main queries

Are gaming laptops worth it?

No, because there are many advantages of gaming laptops if you ask me Are gaming laptops any good?

Gaming laptops are good you can do with them “office work, Software editing, school work, and programming.

I think you can do everything with them just like normal laptops even more.

let’s explore the advantages in detail.

Gaming laptop Pro

In my personal opinion here are some Benefits of Purchasing a Gaming laptop.

  • Portable: Gaming laptops are portable, this is one of the main points of Gaming laptop Pro
  • Style: If you wanna looking stylish or cool then you must need to go with a stylish design laptop.
  • Anything you can play: That’s why you pay for it, there is no limitation or game-supporting issues, this is another key feature of Gaming laptop Pro.
  • Used For Other Things: Absolutely, you can use it for other many things just Functions Like Regular & normal Laptop work.
  • No need to buy extra things: Ya, if you buy a gaming laptop then you don’t need extra pay for a keyboard, mouse, power backup even headphones.
  • Stylish bag and cleaner: Apart from these you also get a cleaner bottle also a keyboard guard and a stylish bag, which you can use for extra things.
  • Support more resolutions: yes, it’s true it supports more resolutions.
  • Warranty Extend: ya, you can extend your warranty.
  • Less power-consuming: this is another plus point of purchasing a gaming laptop.
  • Occupies less space: Of course, it occupies less space, due to which you can play your game in any way.

Why are gaming laptops worth it?

Actually, these things are Overheating issues, power-consuming issues, or more costally rater than normal laptop issues.

These are some factors that create drought in your mind why are gaming laptops worth it?

Let’s explore, why are gaming laptops worth it.

Gaming laptop cons

Well, friends, there are some factors & reasons which are disadvantages of a gaming laptop.

  • Expensive: I think everyone knows this is the major down point of a Gaming laptop cons.
  • Battery life: yes, it is heartbroken news for game lovers, gaming laptop battery life is Poor.
  • Overheating and Noise problem: In the case of a gaming laptop it is necessary to pack everything in a tiny space, which doesn’t make it ideal for dispersing heat. 
  • Also, the fan inside has to be extremely efficient, which is why it’s not unusual for gaming laptops to sound like the sound of a helicopter flying off.
  • Upgrading issue: Another key factor for Gaming laptop cons is the upgrading issue, Nowadays most laptops did not come with socket-based, and some come with limited component upgrading options, so be careful if you’re taking steps for buying.
  • Without a mouse is tough: It has to be said with a stone in the heart that it is true that a laptop without a mouse is useless. Its touchpad is so bad, that you can’t trust it completely.

Are a game console or PC and Higend gaming phone better than a gaming laptop?

Are gaming laptops worth it
Are gaming laptops worth it

Gaming laptop comparison

Here we are going gaming laptop comparison with Gaming laptops vs consoles, desktops, phones, or standard laptops and then try to know Are gaming laptops worth it?

Gaming laptop vs Game consoles

If you’re also thinking Are gaming laptops more powerful than consoles? or Which is better gaming PC or console? then keep reading with us.

Gaming consoles also offer capabilities that go beyond gaming, such as Gaming Monitor Control, and Remote Play.

The only console available today that allows users to effortlessly multitask is Xbox One.

Gaming laptops offer you a large number of capabilities beyond the realm of gaming.

Everything you can do on your personal computer, you could also do with this laptop.

This includes making documents surfing the internet and editing images.

If you’re still asking Why gaming laptops are better than consoles?

Then A dedicated gaming laptop will offer superior visuals over a console.

Additionally, it will provide more performance overall.

Of course, you’ll pay higher than the console however, for the money you’ll get an excellent graphics card processor, SSD storage, as well as a good amount of RAM.

Gaming phone vs Gaming Laptop

If you’re looking for a gaming lappy vs a phone then I think the laptop is best with 9 out of 10 marks, the reason behind this rating is here.

  • The laptop can Work harder rather than smartphones.
  • You can do their office work, editing, and much more professional work.
  • You can also design & draw with them beautiful pictures & sketches.
  • And you can do many things with a laptop which is not possible with a phone.

Now come to the worth point, how worthy a gaming laptop

  • The 1st thing is you can’t take it with you everywhere.
  • Expansive rather than Smartphone
  • Consume high-power battery
  • Heat problem, which makes it a little bit down rank
  • More space consumes rather than smartphones.
  • And the last need more safety rather than a phone.

Gaming laptop vs desktop (which one is good for gaming)

For most people, Desktop gaming computers are a better choice than laptops. In comparison, desktops are slightly less and provide higher performance. 

They are more durable depending on the type of case and users are able to upgrade or replace their components as they need to.

Here is the plus point of having a desktop :

  • Gaming desktops are often less expensive than laptops.
  • Desktops permit users to upgrade components such as CPUs, RAM, GPUs as well as storage drives.
  • Custom-built gaming desks and having more space can affect performance. 

Some negative points are here:

  • Gaming desktops are heavy and heavy to move. 
  • Although many components are simple to locate, some, such as GPUs are more difficult to locate due to the limited supply.

Normal laptop vs gaming laptop (what is the difference between them?)

If you thinking about which is a cheaper gaming laptop or a gaming desktop? then the normal laptop comes in the price range from approx 400$ – 450$.

But if we talk about gaming then they come with a more expensive price but, with more responsibility like No lacking, gaming quality, running smoothly, easy handling, or many other reasons.

Which company gaming laptops are best?

Best gaming laptop 2021-2022

Well, the Best gaming laptops of 2021-2022 are Alienware and razer inc.

How they are best and what is the difference between them let’s discuss.

Alienware vs razer inc which is best?

Alienware vs razer by Mash IT on youtube

If you’re looking to purchase a gaming laptop then these few tips you need to know before taking steps.

How to choose the perfect gaming laptop?

When deciding on the right gaming laptop There are some crucial aspects to bear in your mind. 

A gaming laptop is a lighter and more portable, it is a fantastic choice, but it has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Tips & precautions before buying a gaming laptop, You need to keep these things in mind before the choose a gaming system or laptop:

  • Hardware Upgrades: This is one of the main drawbacks of laptops, For most laptops, you can’t upgrade fully the rest of some components.
  • Customization: This pro makes a desktop better than a laptop, you can customize pc as per your requirement.
  • High-end gaming: Both support high-end gaming but in some cases, the desktop wins the most gamer hearts.
  • Portability: Laptop is best at this point, you can’t move everywhere pc with you, you already know it better.
  • Performance: I think the PC won in this battle because you can boost your pc performance by upgrading parts but another hand in the laptop there is almost a very low chance of upgrading.
  • Price: price factor also downgrades the laptop worth.
  • Big screen(resolution): Of course, a PC is best if your gonna enjoying resolutions.
  • Durability: Well, Laptop is not long-lasting after 3,4 years they can be lacking, if you don’t care for them properly.
  • Heat issues & power-related issues: Laptop consume less power than pc but, but it is more heated rather than pc. other hands both have power backup but, on the laptop, you use UPS for the power source, With which you can run the light of your room for 1, or 2 days if you know how to do it.
  • Cleaning: Both need cleaning but pc cases you need to cover more components.


Why are gaming laptops so costally?

As we discuss its graphic quality, portability, and ease of care out anywhere you want, and the other things are most demanding rather than a PC.

Because you can complete your professional work with this.

Other reasons are frequently traveling and planning to play games while on the move, in hotels, or in other places. 

There’s no reason you shouldn’t buy one.


Well, if you are from an IT background then must know definitely the pros of that.

You can do a lot of work apart from gaming, but it also tries everyone has their dark part so the gaming laptop’s disadvantage is they are constantly low-power backup.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to buy it. Buy it but 1st understand what you’re needed or your budget if fits then go for it.

If not then relax ok with a normal laptop or PC you can also play the game on them with upgrading.

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