Are laptops cheaper in Dubai than US

Are laptops cheaper in Dubai than US? (1 reason to know)

Are laptops cheaper in Dubai than in the US? YES, laptops are cheaper in Dubai the reason is an exempt country from all duties so that is the reason for it.

Making electronic products cheaper than elsewhere in the world.

Apple products are cheaper in UAE than in the US because Apple is aggressively pricing its products to combat the growing grey market.

for example, Apple sells the iPad Mini (WIFI 32GB) for Dh1,899, while the same model is sold in the US at $499 (Dh1,835) with a sales tax of approximately nine percent depending on each state.

This translates into $548.9 or Dh2,018).

Remember the point when buying a laptop in Dubai

You should Remember the point when buying a laptop in Dubai a global warranty applies to all laptops.

If the laptop is brought to another country, it will be considered an “accidentally fallen” and the customer support team will not repair the laptop under warranty.

Another this you need to check is the keyboard in English, if you check the keys of your laptop and you’ll see English. + Arabic combinations of alphabets are there.

So, make sure you check it.

So Remember the point when buying a laptop in Dubai maybe Apple is better at service, but it’s still not perfect.

Is there a place that sells the best and cheapest laptops in Dubai?

A place for the best and cheapest laptops in Dubai is Bur Dubai.

This hidden gem is the best to find computers at a low price.

You would also have many options.

If you Look for local shops for the best and cheapest laptops in Dubai then Deira (Murshid Bazaar) is the best.

Murshid Bazaar stores are both wholesale and retail.

This means that electronics can be purchased at a much lower price than what you’d find in high-end stores.

Bur-Dubai Market or Souq online store (which one is good online or offline)

You can purchase it through authorized resellers like carrefour/Sharaf Dg/jackys, or emax. Although they may be more expensive than the grey market, they are reliable and offer excellent after-sales service.

Are duty-free laptops cheaper in Dubai by Mohsin Vlogs on youtube

Is electronic products cheap in Dubai?

Which electronic products are cheap in Dubai?

Here is the list.

  • Mobile.
  • TV
  • Fridge
  • Camera
  • Microwave
  • Also CAR and Bike etc.

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Electronics Cheaper price comparison

ASIA and AFRICA Countries VS Dubai

They are indeed, particularly for those who are located in Africa or East Asia.

The region’s IT shows, particularly GITEX (A well-known eight-day IT Expo situated in Dubai) are famous for their bargains.

There are some warehouse sales for gadgets that can also offer bargains.

Dubai VS the US and European countries

The price difference is particularly large for cameras and televisions, but virtually zero for tablets and smartphones.

If you’re from the US or other European states then the answer is “Littlebit”

Are laptops cheaper in Dubai than US
Are laptops cheaper in Dubai than in the US

Is Dubai more affordable compared to the USA?

In the end, if you compare all aspects of life, such as eating out and renting, commuting and shopping, clothes, etc.

Dubai could be quite expensive in comparison to the USA.

Europen people need to care about it:

It is generally less expensive than in Europe.

However, you should be extremely cautious. Certain manufacturers make use of models of lower quality within the Middle East (equivalent to US models) as opposed to Europe in which the tendency is for consumers to pay more for noise.

Additionally, the warranty offered in the UAE is not universally applicable.

Did I really need to buy or must ask for a laptop from Dubai?

It is dependent on whether you want the lowest price or an Arabic keyboard with a letter print or your needs.

You should then check for its accessibility in Dubai. Dubai is home to Dubai’s Dubai Shopping Festival and also as numerous sales like GITEX all through the year.

For instance, if you’re an avid gamer, you’ll need high-end graphics chips, which are distinct from the processor that is core with a real 1080p screen with numerous USB 2 as well as C ports, a larger battery, and extra memory.

That is included in your preferred configuration, it’s not so readily available on the market.

Online website to buy electronics items in Dubai?

With the arrival of the Dubai World Expo in 2020 and the increase in Internet penetration, more and more people choose to buy electronic products online.

Sharaf DG

The UAE 3C digital supermarket was established in 2005 and has now become a famous 3C digital shopping website in the UAE, selling mobile phones, laptops, computers, accessories, and other products online.


they have some good deals for online electronic shops in Dubai, gaming pcs online also they can provide you with pre-owned laptops and PCs at some really good rates.

Fashion TIY

is a comprehensive online wholesale website in the United States.

The platform has clothing, shoes, jewelry, luggage, watches, and related accessories, cosmetics, maternal and child products, electronic products, and various stationery.


There are more than 20 million kinds of platform products, covering fashion and electronic products. It is expected to become the “Amazon” and “Alibaba” in the Middle East.

Do we get a guarantee on the mobile phones we purchase in Dubai?

Mobile phones are less expensive? Yes, especially in duty-free shops at the airport, since you do not have to pay duty (tax) In terms of warranty, it varies from one brand to the next or even from company to company.

Some provide a worldwide warranty which means that wherever you go.

hey, offer a regional warranty only on the region of purchase such as Europe USA, etc.

You should contact the customer service of the manufacturer of the mobile you’re looking to purchase and inquire about the worldwide warranty.

Are Duty-Free laptops cheaper in Dubai? let’s discuss it.


Are Duty-Free laptops cheaper in Dubai?

It is better to purchase a laptop close to the location you live in.

Dubai duty-free isn’t much more expensive (except there aren’t taxes) neither do they necessarily have all models. Nearby, you can create what you want.

Do I need to pay customs fees for a package that is shipped from Dubai to the US?

When you deliver the shipment(s) in the USA and in order in order to be able to receive it you’ll be required to supply your social security number or taxpayer-identification number.

A form for entry will be provided to Customs by us, that identifies the recipient or sender of the shipment.

Do I need the laptop declared when I go through customs?

The simple answer is there is no. Customs and Border Protection are not required to obtain a warrant or probable reason to search your phone and laptop.

USA customer’s duties price?

The rates of duty vary from 0 up to 37.5 percent an average duty rate of 5.63 percent.

Certain goods aren’t in the scope of duty (e.g. certain electronic items, or antiques and original paintings that are more than 100 years of age).

Are computers more expensive in Dubai?

Dubai’s tax policies make electronic devices more affordable.

This includes tablets, smartphones laptops, laptops, cameras gaming consoles, and so on.

What is the cost of a MacBook Air in Dubai?

In the UAE the MacBook Air 2020 cost begins at AED 4,199. MacBook Air 2020 i5 is priced at AED 5,459.

Is iPhone affordable in Dubai?

This makes the iPhone 13 more than $11,000 less expensive than the UAE.

That makes it iPhone 13 Pro over Rs 35,500 less expensive in the UAE.

How many phones should I bring to Dubai?

Officially you’re not allowed to import any mobile device without customs Duty.

You are able to use one if you’re currently making use of it. Of course, if your phone is priced less than Rs. 45,000 and you don’t bring any other items, you could make do with a compact mobile, as long as the total value should be within your Customs Duty-Free Allowance.

Is Ipads more expensive in Dubai?

The purchase of the iPad Mini or iPad Air is more affordable within the UAE than in the US because Apple has become extremely aggressive in its pricing to combat the growing gray market.

Are GPUs cheaper in Dubai?

GPU prices are lower in Dubai A friend lives in Dubai. The reference version 7970 cost 37k. It was expensive there.

In addition, for the reason mentioned above, it’s pretty much everything is not a good idea.

Dubai is more expensive than India. If you want to test it, you should get EVGA GPU since they offer a worldwide warranty

Are gaming laptops less expensive in Dubai?

It’s usually less expensive than in Dubai. You don’t have to worry about customs unless you’re bringing lots of laptops.

It is possible to carry one laptop at no cost when you enter India.

Is Nvidia available in UAE?

There is no GeForce Now server in the region. Not in Saudi Arabia and not in the UAE, Kuwait, or Bahrain.


Well, the conclusion is if you wanna buy a laptop from Dubai then go for it, but before buying you need to remember a few points 1. the international warranty and 2nd keyboard, (keyboard available in English).

2nd thing is Are laptops cheaper in Dubai than in the US then, YES laptops are cheaper but some laptop brands are not cheaper.

It is true there are no duties free, but it applies when duties free store available not everywhere, so that’s why electronic products are cheap in Dubai.

So before taking steps go 1st for a duties-free store in both cases online or offline.

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