Can laptop processor be upgraded

Can laptop processor be upgraded? (Yes, possible 1 reason)

Are you thinking can laptop processor be upgraded or not? well, we can upgrade it if your laptop motherboard is socket-based, then it’s possible.

Most people say no it’s not possible but I am gonna tell you with 100% surety “Yes it is possible”

But an Instant upgrading processor and upgrading laptop parts are better options.

Because there is very less laptop available which is socket-based and also this technology is very costly and old.

I think moving on with an in-build motherboard technology is best.

The CPU executes the fundamental calculations and logic functions, as well as controlling, as well as output and input (I/O), functions as defined by the instructions contained in the program. 

This is in contrast to external components like primary memory and I/O circuitry and processors that are specialized like graphic processing units (GPUs).

Well, as per my experience this system upgrade-related issue is mostly faced by gamers.

But don’t worry we had fully covered laptop processor upgrading topics-related queries if your nontechnical person.

Then we have also covered How to upgrade a laptop processor home by yourself?

just stay with us.

Can laptop processor be upgraded
laptop processor Upgrading by an engineer with full protection

Before going into deep let’s talk about processors.

What is Processor or why is it precious in a laptop?

The central processing unit (CPU) also known as the central processor or main processor, or simply processor is electronic circuitry that executes instructions that comprise a computer program. 

There are five kinds of general-purpose processors they are Microcontroller Microprocessor, Embedded Processor, DSP, and Media Processor.

The processor is the soul of your personal laptop, I think more than this it is everything off the laptop.

That’s it is precious in a laptop or other electronic devices which support processor features.

If you don’t have much time then don’t panic see this video, it will clarify, How to upgrade a laptop processor?

By Wrelatedquestions Youtube channel team

Can the laptop processor be upgraded?

If we talk in Technically terms then Yes, some laptop processors are upgradeable but they are very costly.

But most people say “no, it’s not possible” but my dear friends it is not true.

“You can really upgrade your laptop processor, and it is possible.”

The question that comes into your mind is how is it possible, or which based? Well, You are here in the right hand to get the answer to it.

Actually, there are some reasons for people saying no upgrading for laptop processors, which are given below.

What are the reason & signs for upgrading processors?

There should be some common reasons like slowness, lacking and etc. reasons.

But apart from this reason, you can also check by Crucial advisor tool, but the key reason for upgrading the processor is slowness.

So how laptop processors are upgradeable?

Check that you have a laptop motherboard that is socket-based that is, therefore.

It’s possible, however, if your laptop’s motherboard is based on a soldier processor then you aren’t able to upgrade.

What should we pay attention to before upgrading the processor?

Well, my dear friends before changing the processor you need to Check or pay attention to a few things.

The laptop motherboard should be socket-based.
CPU And Motherboard Compatibility.
Find a Compatible processor.
Take the passion with a flexible and careful hand (if you do)
You need to tighten your pocket with a heavy wallet because it’s costly.
Please go throw with expert advice before doing this.

Here is the process for upgrading the laptop process if you are good in the technical field.

How to upgrade a laptop processor at home?

If your technical person then it is very easy for you How to upgrade a laptop processor, It’s simple to check compatibility and then mount it.

let’s discuss How to upgrade a laptop processor.

1st check is your laptop motherboard is socket-based.
Then 2nd check the processor compatibility
3rd go and find out the perfect compatible processor.
4th unmount old processor.
5th mount new processor carefully.

Well if you have some confusion about it then see the given below video.

Is it hard to understand how to mount? don’t worry check this video and understand it.

processor mount on the motherboard by John Gammell on youtube

Or if you need a complete process then see the given below video with help of this you can upgrade your laptop processor step by step.

upgrade laptop processor by Britec09 on youtube

What if I am not a technical person, how Can a laptop processor be upgraded in this situation?

Can laptop processor be upgraded
Can laptop processor be upgraded

How to upgrade a laptop processor Non-technical person

Relax, You can also upgrade your laptop process only if you need to do these few things.

  • 1st tighten your pocket with a heavy amount.
  • Visit a nearby laptop store.
  • Confirm with them “can they do it”.
  • Then bargaining with them for price.
  • Don’t forget about the processor warranty.

What if I am a gamer, Can the laptop processor be upgraded if I have a gaming laptop

Can the gaming laptop processor be upgraded?

Well, I am 100% sure if you are a gamer then you must not choose a processor upgradeable laptop because a gamer person knows very well, how costly or boring or old trend it is if we upgrade it.

If you are a gamer then you previously set your goal of which laptop is best for your game.

But if you have a low processor then don’t worry, instead of upgrading the processor go throw with upgrading other parts like RAM or SSD and external graphic card(chip module).

If you are interested in gaming then must visit: The high-quality gaming phone era

Did you enjoy your How to upgrade the Desktop processor topics? please let us know in the comment section below.

By the way, you can easily upgrade your PC processor rather than a laptop processor, right now let’s talk about tools.

Tool needed for upgrading the laptop processor?

If you go for How to upgrade a laptop processor then I think you need a Crucial tool or Screwdriver Tool Kit for the open screws.

A crucial tool is a scanner-type tool that basically scans your system and checks whether the system or component needed an upgrade or not.

Can the laptop processor be upgraded from i3 to i7?

If your laptop is equipped with an Intel Core i3 or i5 Processor equipped with an upgradeable socket, provided you need only an upgrade to memory or storage and upgrades, then yes.

If you own a laptop that has the Intel Core i3 or i5 Processor (socket upgradeable) like this Dell Inspiron 5347.

Then yes, it is possible to install an upgrade to a motherboard that has an upgraded processor, such as Intel Core I5-3337U.

If you have the same socket as the three processors above then you are able to i5 to i7, It is not possible upgrading your computer unless it has identical sockets.

Some interesting reports:
As per Statista, 2021-2022 report Processor market approx 70-80% gained by Intel and only 15-18% gained by AMD processor company and other rest by other processor companies.

Ok If the laptop processor is upgradable then why do most people say “No Laptop processor can’t be upgraded” let’s discussed

What is the reason behind saying “No for processor upgrading”

  • The replacement of the processor can invalidate the warranty on your laptop.
  • If you don’t are aware of the exact pinout for your current CPU it is possible that you are installing an incompatible processor.
  • It is essential to be sure The BIOS on your laptop might not recognize the processor and the laptop might not be able to start.
  • You must confirm that your BIOS can support it.
  • Some BIOSes are extremely sensitive. If you aren’t able to apply the correct thermal paste correctly, the new processor (even in the event that it functions) can overheat.
  • If the heatsink in your processor isn’t specifically designed to handle the extra temperature load that your laptop is subject to the laptop could overheat (or cause damage to other components, like the LCD screen)
  • If you’re not familiar with the correct ESD handling methods it is possible to short the processor during the installation process.

Ok, now discuss if is it A good option or not.

Laptop Processors upgrading Pros and cons

Here are Laptop processers upgrading pros and cons


  • Fix the slowness
  • fix the lacking
  • Better simultaneous
  • Overall comfort fill


  • Socketing Procedure
  • Thermal Protection
  • Heat Sink
  • Socket Compatibility

Is it necessary?

Well, it’s not necessary, but Do it only if you need more, By the way, I don’t think anyone would do this in today’s time.

What does experts say about it?

Expert always says, “Go throw with new technology” and slot-type laptop process is old types.

Will it run 100% faster after the upgraded processor?

This is not 100% sure in every case because in some cases it runs fast for approx 1 week but after it, it comes in back boring days.

Maybe the reason behind this should be RAM, Graphic, FAN, HDdisk, etc.

If you confirm the upgrade processor then let’s not how much the cost is.

Laptop processor upgrading cost

If you’re thinking of upgrading the processor in your computer consider picking a processor that is suitable for your requirements and budget.

Then the average cost range starts for upgrading your processor at $250 and up.


If we upgrade laptop parts, so in this case did we need a processor upgrade?

Well, it totally depends on you, if you have a full budget and your laptop is socket-based then go for it.

But as far as I know, after 2, 3, or 4 years laptop goes down on behalf of their performance, so don’t too much for these types of an old laptops.

Which one is good and cheap? “upgrading laptop parts VS processor upgrade”

Definitely, Upgrading or replacing laptop parts & component is cheap rather than processing upgrades.

Which Company laptop processors we can upgrade?

I think Dell company have some socket-based laptop, Which is given below next topics as an example.

What about a laptop processor upgrading from AMD to Intel, is it possible?

Clearly, if you have an old model then maybe. But if you have new model types then it’s not possible.

Conclusion final tough

Well, if you think Is it possible to upgrade the processor in the laptop?

Then my dear “YES”, you can upgrade the processor of the laptop but in limited conditions which is a “socket-based processor“.

So if you have a socket-based laptop then you can update your laptop processor.

But I know it is very costly and rare because nowadays 99% of the laptop comes in soldier (fix plate) based.

Which are quite cheaper and the best option.

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