Do headphones cause hair loss

Do headphones cause hair loss? (how risk full or fix it?)

Do headphones cause hair loss & Hairfall, Thickness, Baldness, and Affect Hair Growth, How risky is it? or How to fix it? everything in detail is explained in FAQ.

Whilst you remove your headset after a while in the office or home or painting time, it makes little consolation after your expert place of work surroundings.

If you’re still using a tight headset then be aware it can cause many painful bad experiences like a Skull dent, Headache, or Ear related problems.

The first question that often comes to mind is:

What is headphone hair loss?

As the name suggests, Headphone hair loss is a side-effect of to use of a headset device.

Should I be concerned about it?

In general, it’s not that much of a concern, but if you really use them a lot then it will become a big concern, Think about it otherwise, it will be too late.

Do headphones cause hair loss? how to fix headphones hairless? by wrelatedquestions

Did you know:

If you wear earphones, headphones, headset for long hrs. with 90+ high volumes can cause of hairloss.

How can headphones cause hair loss?

Can wearing headphones cause hair loss or What are the percentages and is there any reason for hair loss apart from headphones?  

How Can wearing headphones cause hair loss?

Do headphones cause hair loss

3 reasons headphones can affect are Tight, Heavy, and lack of padding.

In the given below we have explained how can they affect your hair.

1. Tight & nonadjustable

Tight headphones damage your head in many ways.

When you take off the tight headsets from your head, it pulls you along with it.

Due to this many times, your weak hair starts falling, and at the same time, there is a slight stretch in the strong hair.

Which further becomes a threat to the future.  

2. Heavy and big

Heavy headphones can also be one of the reasons for hair loss.

Heavy headphones can such as having a huge meal on the head, getting tired soon, etc. you must think about it.

3. Padding & Cushion Lacking

Headphones without padding can cause a lot of trouble, such as cracking and pain if you rub them against your ear.

Sometimes this pain lasts for 1.2 days, and sometimes it gets stuck on the ear of a girl’s ear and blood comes out after pulling it with quick strokes and jerks, causing a wound that is very painful.

Did you use headphones more then 1 hrs?

checkout headphones negative sign if you use more then 1 hrs

Some other 11 reasons for hair fall & hair loss

Here are 11 causes of hair fall, if you facing hair fall then maybe one of the causes is responsible for your hair fall.

1. Traction alopecia

The circumstance in which you lose hair from continuously pulling it’s far called traction alopecia.

It’s quite uncommon because you get severe headaches earlier than critical. 

For more info about this, you can watch the given below video, it will completely guide you.

2. Stress 

Yes, stress is also the cause of hair fall.

If you experience hair loss due to stress, then you have come to the right place, as stress is one of the main causes of hair loss.

Hair loss due to stress is called telogen effluvium.

3. Thinning Hair

Thick, pricey hair is one of the maximum flexible hair kinds in the global, however, it’s additionally the most at hazard from traditional over-the-head.

Poor food plan, negative drowsing conduct, and pressure all culminating collectively can result in hair loss. 

4. Sometimes medication can be-affect  

So firstly, the remedy isn’t the only offender.

Any chemical you devour or use topically can potentially cause hair loss.

Other pills such as the contraception tablet, temper stabilizers, even antibiotics, and zits remedies can cause hair loss.

Did you know:

A recent take a look confirmed that hair remedies resulted in 47% of people experiencing hair loss by medication.

5. Expired hair shampoo or hair color etc products

I have actually heard this many times, often many people say that I used that shampoo and after that, it happened, actually it happens when you use any old shampoo.

In India, hair problems most often occur during the festival of Holi, when the color applied on the head takes 4 to 5 days to come out.

Colors cause a lot of damage to the hair, due to colors the roots of the hair become weak and roughness comes to the head.

Due to this hair becomes rough, thin, and falls.

6. Genetic

The most probable cause for any man’s hair loss is genetic.

This is extensively supported by means of technological know-how, however, a fact that hasn’t been as commonly well-known is that it doesn’t help to search at your dad to recognize what lies beforehand for you. 

Ayesha Faizan discusses the main reason for hair fall on Twitter

7. Should be a Hormonal issue

According to the AAD every day we lose approx 50 to 100 hairs a day.

This is amazing but I think In some cases, an increase in the incidence of hair loss may occur in people who are excessively used to Headphones.

It is nothing to think about, every day a lot of hair falls and keeps on forming. 

8. Thyroid disease

Whilst hormone manufacturing is disrupted, in particular of hormones t3 and t4, it influences different strategies in the body.

This includes the growth of hair roots.

Hair keeps on falling out and cannot be replaced by new growth, resulting in thinning of the eyebrows on your scalp and other hairy areas. 

9. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy affects all cells in the body except cancer cells.

The lining of the mouth, stomach, and hair follicles is very sensitive.

This is because those cells multiply rapidly like cancer cells, due to which the effect of chemotherapy can be seen in the hair.

10. Autoimmune disease

Most people know about alopecia, but some people are probably familiar with alopecia areata.

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that results in hair loss.

However, traction alopecia is quite different from an autoimmune disease.

11. Should be poor diet: lack of iron, vitamin, and mineral

Yes, a poor diet contributes to hair loss.

Apart from this, poor sleeping habits and stress can also lead to hair loss.

Did you know:

A 2019 study trusted Source showed that hair growth along with vitamin and mineral supplementation can improve and fight hair loss if your diet is right.

How to get rid of headphone hair loss?

Well, first of all, you don’t need to panic, Headphone Hair loss is often normal.  

There are many treatments for this, some of these 5 effective and practical tips are as follows for how to prevent headphone hair loss.

1. Use a headphones band at the back of the head 

headphone band at the back of the head in this manner, the band creates no traction. It’s sort of striking behind you.

The speakers nonetheless take a seat over your ears.

Even though the band isn’t always adjustable, there’s no way you’ll lose hair. 

2. Headphone band should be Adjustable

An adjustable band is an easy characteristic but very beneficial. You’ve got the ability to lower or enhance the band.

As you know, the right headphones always cause a headache or health issues. keep in your pocket an extra ear cushion.

3. You can switch to earbuds

The high-quality manner is to of path transfer to earbuds which can be a far better choice than the headphones.

Earbuds are so easy to apply, and lightweight, and also you don’t have to wear a burden on your head just listening to your favorite track. 

4 Don’t use too long

Using headphones for a long time not only causes hair loss but will give you many problems like – headaches, headphone head dent, ear pain, etc.,

So do not use it for a long time.

5. Wear a Cap before Headphones 

Whilst you wear a cap underneath your headphones, the headphones can no longer contact your hair and therefore you can prevent your hair from getting pulled by means of the headphones. 


Without wearing a cap, can I prevent hair fall?

It’s not 100% sure, in some cases, it’s helpful, or in some cases not.

But too much wearing a cap definitely can be a headache for hair fall.

How to treat hair loss from headphones?

Few things you can try like Reducing headphone use, switching wire earphones or buds, and contact you’re nearby doctor, and following the doctor-given rule.

Can headphones make you bald?

If you are worried about what headphones do to your head? then one of them answers strongly YES, headphone makes you bald.

Can a headset make your hair Flatten?

Anybody I know has complained about headphone hair as a minimum as soon as.

Wearing headphones will without problems reduce your hair, in particular when you have oily hair.


headphone hair loss is common and less effective but it doesn’t mean you will ignore it. here is the table of hair fall causes.

Hairfall causesPercent
Headphoneappr. 7%
Poor dietappr. 13%
Geneticappr. 15%
Hormonal issueappr. 15%
Diseaseappr. 6%
Stressappr. 15%
Careappr. 6%
Cosmetic productappr. 4%
Traction alopeciaappr. 15%
medicationappr. 4%
hair fall issue table
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