How many watts does a laptop use

How many watts does a laptop use?(3 easy ways to know)

How many watts does a laptop use? actually, laptops use approx 65W and in the sleep mode, it uses approx 0.75 to 0.78W, and gaming laptop consumes more power which is approx 300W to 350W.

Did you know how many watts consume by laptop parts, if not then stay with us everything is clearly explanation in this article’s details.

And I am sure in the end you’ll know plenty of tips or tricks or related questions answers regarding laptop power consumption.

Nowadays Most often, laptop battery packs are lithium-ion. This means that they do not have a memory effect. And, they don’t need a full charge to be fully charged at the time of the subsequent charge.

1st you need to go throw with basic things about laptop battery.

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Laptop battery Intro

Laptop batteries are the remote power source for all types of laptop computers.  Laptop batteries have evolved over the years to become much more functional and durable than their predecessors.

Laptop battery history

In the past, there have been a variety of kinds of battery packs for laptops. At first, mobile computing relied on AAA batteries as the power source. The idea quickly went out of fashion after rechargeable batteries hit the market, including nickel-cadmium, and later nickel-metal Hydride.

Laptop battery types

Laptop batteries are composed of three different types of technology.

  • Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd)
  • Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)
  • Lithium-Ion (Li-ion)

So which types of laptop batteries are mostly used nowadays?

Nowadays Lithium-Ion battery is mostly used in laptops, and the reason is already discussed, for more deep explanations you can visit their official post.

Let’s discuss first how many watts does a laptop use? after that we will talk about some other facts about laptop batteries.

How many watts does a laptop use?

The majority of laptops use 65W however, if we think about the range it’s from 30W to 200W. 0.34W when in off mode. 0.78W in sleep mode. gaming laptops consume more than 350W of power.

How do laptops consume more electricity?

70%-80 percent of the power consumed in laptops is due to CPU and other components use a lot less power.

What uses the most power in a laptop?

Which parts consume more power in a laptop? Well, as you know mother use most energy but if we explore it then we find:
LCD: approx 42 to 43%
Chipset: approx 20 to 21%
Processor: 9 to 10% (one more thing, you can upgrade your laptop processor with 1 condition)
Graphics: 7 to 8%
Hard Drive: approx 5 to 6%
and Network: 4 to 5%

What is a sign if laptops consume more power?

If you’re looking how do I know my laptops consume more power rather than normal cases? then you need to check does your laptop is heating or noise-making.

Is a graphic card laptop consume more power rather than a normal laptop?

Yes, it is true graphic laptops consume more power rather than normal.

How many watts does a laptop use per day, per month, or per year

On average laptops use

  • 55.45 watt-hours per day.
  • 1,686.6 watt-hours per month.
  • 20,238.8 watt-hours per year.

How many watts does a gaming laptop use?

If you looking Do gaming laptops consume a lot of electricity? or how much? then I am gonna inform you gaming laptop consumes approx 200 to 300 watts normally on average, ya it is 3 x more than a normal laptop’s power consumption.

How many watts does a normal laptop use?

Well, it depends on other -2 types of a company laptop or their specification but normally it can consume 50w to 200watt.

How many watts does a laptop use

Laptop power consumption in different-2 cases, is these cases make any sense? think about them and comment below with your opinion.

Laptop power consumption charging time

In the plug-in case, the 15-inch laptop consumes between 22.40 watts to 25 watts of energy.

Laptop plug-out power consumption

I think it is not much more than plugin situations, so you can assume less than 22 watts.

Power consume in lock mode & sleep mode or another mode

Sleep mode: Sleep isn’t a good option if you aren’t connected to an energy source, but it also draws energy. It’s the way to go. A laptop consumes 15 to 60 watts of power when it is used.

Lock mode: What if I leave it in lock mode full night does it consume any power? well, It’s an option for security, however, it won’t save energy. If you lock your computer, Windows doesn’t power down.

Night light mode: Does Windows 10 night light efficient? Is lighting at night help to save battery life on laptops? It’s great for the eyes however it doesn’t impact the battery.

Dark mode use: This feature will give you an overview of the most demanding apps that consume power, but it doesn’t take into account the effect the dark-mode mode has on the power consumption

What if we run a heavy file, heavy tools, movie, or play gaming, and do other professional work.

Laptop power consumption during working or chilling time

Under normal use conditions, laptops use between 6.3 Watt-hours to 230-watt hours every day, but if you are interested in this then you can check it by yourself during your working or chilling season throw the task manager option.

Now let’s discuss laptop component power consumption, it’s not taking too much time.

How much power consume by the Hard disk?

HDD power consumption and boot time

How much power consumes the graphic cards?

Graphics card power consumption

Which component consumes less power?

RAM and HDD wi-fi cards Bluetooth, USB peripherals, as well as integrated speakers, would have a relatively low power consumption.

Laptop power consumed by models

Let’s check this table, How many watts does Dell, Samsung, MAC, Acer, Lenovo, and Asus, laptop use, maybe you have one of them, models.

MacBook 30W to 140W
Microsoft Surface Laptop 39W
Samsung G. Laptops45W
Dell Laptops45W to 180W
ASUS Laptops200W
HP Laptops45W to 150W
Acer Laptops45W to 180W
Lenovo Laptops45W to 65W
Power consumed by laptop models

Battery power consumes by Different-2 types of Laptops & PC models listed:

Ultrabooks types laptop20 to 100 watts
Netbooks types laptopapprox 10 to 15 watts
Tablets types laptop 15 to 50 watts
Desktop types Laptops 200 to 300 watts
laptop types’ power consumption
Minicomputer10 to 15 watts
Workstation 15 to 150 watts
Tower model computerup to 100 watts
Desktop model 50 to 250 watts
Subnotebook computer20 to 50 watts
Palmtop computer15 to 250 watts
PDA computer15 to 150 watts
Hand-held computer100 to 150 watts
Notebook computer 20 to 50 watts
PC types power consumption

Let’s compare laptop power consumption with PC or supercomputer

Laptop vs PC vs Supercomputer (Power consumption)

Did you know how much power consume by supercomputers or PC? If you don’t know then keep with us. Before discussing check out this interesting fact about china’s supercomputers.

Did you know? : The cost of a Tianhe-1A supercomputer to power and cool the system is $400 an hour.

Now let’s go

How many watts does a supercomputer use?

Mainframe computers consume Approx 4.04 megawatts (MW) as per china’s  Tianhe-1A supercomputer.

How many watts does a PC use?

PC with a typical load consumes between 65-250 watts. If you have a computer with the latest video card, you can add an additional 150-300 watts when rendering graphics.

How much power consumes a gaming PC?

Gaming PC consume approx 800 to 900 watts, and in some cases, they use up to 1200 watts.

How to know how much power consuming a laptop

Power consume by laptops or installed apps or their parts

Well, here are some effective ways to know how much power consuming a laptop and its component power consumption details. You can manually calculate, or also you can check online and other best way is to check to throw your laptop, so let’s discuss them one by one.

1. App & background process power usage check throw Task manager

2. Calculate laptop power consumption

You can calculate power consumption by this formula

Voltage x Amperage = Wattage

or if you wanna auto calculate then visit here

3. Google it with your laptop module num

You will learn here more than your module num, so simply google it.

Now come to the power consumption solutions

How do I make the laptop use less power?

Well, if you have an intel graphic on your laptop then you can make the laptop use less power easily update it throw graphic property, and select your power plan as per your requirement.

If we face some glitch related to power does it fix with a restart?

Well, it’s not a big deal but ya some time some on running or background application stuck, and that time if you check on task manager they consume more power rather than other applications, that why sometimes you face a glitch type, but it’s very mynute. So ya you can restart your laptop if you’re facing this situation.

Keep neet and clean your laptop or as well PC

Yes, you can make the laptop use less power with cleaning, a dusty laptop or system can use more power, and it can create heating or noise-making problems, that is why you need to clean your laptop.

Don’t do much work, task rest every 2 and a half hrs.

It’s beneficiary for both machine and user, it is simply more work means need more energy so keep break time to time.

Use laptop in Hybrid mode

Hibernate Mode is also designed to conserve power but is different from sleep mode with regard to what is happening to your data. Sleep mode saves the documents and files that you are working on into RAM, using only a tiny amount of power during the process.


Did screen resolution affect power-consuming?

Yes, screen resolution affects power consumption, it is the number 1 reason for power consumption.

Is it true, that more features on laptops consume more power?

Ya, it is right that why gaming laptops are so worthy, so if you wanna more explanation then visit the official post.

Does the laptop consume more power after a full charge?

Your laptop will consume up to 22.40 Watts when unplugged after it has been charged. Many people believe that once their laptops have been fully charged, they will stop using power. The laptop will still be powered even if it remains connected even after it’s fully charged.

Final tough

Laptop consumption approx 65w and if we talk about PC then, PC consume 150 to 200 watts. PC consumes more power rather than a laptop in every situation.

If we compare normal laptops or gaming laptops then gaming laptops consume more power rather than which are already discussed.

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