How many yoga blocks do I need

How many yoga blocks do I need in 2022

If you’re looking for how many yoga blocks do I need? then the answer is 2, but in some cases, it can be 1 it depends on your exercise requirement.

But generally, you need only 2 yoga blocks.

To know about yoga blocks or how to use yoga blocks as ultimate guides let’s go into deep with us.

Is a yoga block necessary?

Well, it depends on your choice some yogis like it or some do not, but for better yoga, some yoga instructors advise you to block.

In which material Yoga blocks are made?

Blocks are made from recycled foam, EVA foam, cork, and bamboo. Each material has its merits and is equally affordable.

Yoga block manufacturers use durable materials that can last for over 20 years if stored properly.

1. Cork yoga blocks

Cork used in yoga is nowadays very common, apart from blocks, Yoga wheels, and a Yoga mat is also built by cork oak tree.

Cork Oak trees live up to 200 years and are only found in Mediterranean countries like Spain and Italy.


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2. Eva material

EVA foam blocks are one of the most well-known yoga blocks, and comes in 3 variant size 3″ to 5″, they are non-toxic and recyclable foam.

This material can be manufactured at a very low cost, making it an affordable option for budget-minded yoga practitioners.

3. Made of Bamboo

Bamboo material is new for blocks and Its properties are similar to wooden blocks and it is also strong.


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4. Recyclable foam

Recycled agricultural plastic sheeting that was previously used for crop growth is used to make Yoga blocks.

The best thing about these blocks is an environmentally friendly and cheap and affordable price.

5. Woodblocks

Wood blocks are mostly liked by professionals, The hardest yoga blocks are usually made of wood.

Because they are often hand-crafted, these blocks can be more costly than other types.

Types of yoga blocks

Based on the size they come in 4 variants 3″, 4″, 6″, and 9″, and based on the material they come in 5 types which are already discussed in the post.

How many yoga blocks do I need
How many yoga blocks do I need

How many yoga blocks do I need for beginner, Mid, and Pro-level users

If you are a pro player of yoga blocks, then you will only need two blocks.

You should purchase two blocks if you own a studio.

Your height should be taken into consideration when buying blocks.

Yoga blocks for beginners

The average need for blocks for a beginner is 2 because starting time is very hard.

So say if you are a beginner you must need at least 2 blocks, but sometimes maybe you need 1 block as per beginners’ poses.

Blocks requirement for mid-level users

Well, the mid-level users mostly think about Do you need more than one yoga block.

I will recommend As per your size you may need a 4″ to 5″ size block, and I think you need 2 blocks till the expert level.

Blocks needed for pro users

1 single block is pro-level user identity but in some cases or poses it can be 2 it totally depends on you.

Most people think about Is 1 yoga block is enough.

Well, the answer is yes. If you are a pro player then it’s ok with one single block.

Perfect standard yoga block size cm

Well, the Perfect standard yoga block size cm is here if your smaller yogis might choose to buy 3” or 4″ blocks while taller yogis may prefer 5” blocks.

How to use yoga blocks?

how to use yoga block by yoga with Uliana on youtube

Benefits of sitting on a yoga block

  • To raise the floor and provide stability.
  • For intermediate and beginner yogis.
  • Help develop perfect alignment.
  • Increase your range of motion.
  • Cheap and affordable price.
  • Can be recyclable.

key features to keep in mind about Cork yoga blocks

Here are some blocks features to keep in mind key

  • Asanas will be easier to perform if you have longer limbs.
  • Standing poses can be balanced more.
  • Reduce overreaching and strain to prevent injury Promote alignment and a deeper understanding of asanas.
  • You can add support to help you relax and ease into the asana experience. You can deepen your muscle activation and give more challenges to the basic asanas.
  • Yoga instructors or to request the use of one or more blocks in their classes.

Some Misconceptions about Yoga Blocks

Is Yoga Blocks Only for Beginners?

For beginners, blocks are best used for yogis. Blocks are less necessary for advanced yogis as they gain greater flexibility.

But it doesn’t mean they leave it, they use it on regular bases daily but less.

Average price range

Prices vary depending on the size of the blocks and the material. The average price is US $10-20 per.

Best yoga blocks

The best yoga block is the Cork yoga block because they are non-slippery and also eco-friendly and long-lasting.

But if you thinking about budget then Eva material foam is best for you. You can afford them easily.


How many yoga blocks do I need for the yoga block challenge?

For the yoga blocks challenge, you need only 1 block, you need to prove you’re self yoga talent with one single block and inspire other people with your talent.

Are there any Alternatives to yoga blocks?

Check around your house to find alternatives. Try books, a few cushions or a foam roller, or some folded blankets.

Extra-large yoga blocks vs Small blocks which is better?

Well, it depends on your height some people are suitable for small blocks and small people are suitable for large blocks, both block sizes were already discussed in this post previously.

Final conclusion

Well, the conclusion is you need 2 blocks if you choose to use yoga blocks, but it is not necessary to use blocks. If your yoga instructor advises you to buy blocks then be careful.

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