how to charge laptop with hdmi or USB C cable

3 simple ways how to charge laptop with hdmi or USB C cable?

There are many temporary ways to charge your laptop without a charger if your laptop charger has been broken. Laptop charge with HDMI or USB C cable technic is one of them.

There should be many cases if Your Laptop Is Plugged In But Not Charging, and then you look for an alternative method for laptop charging.

If you’re considering using the HDMI cable as your portable charger, on temporary bases, then the short answer is that Yes it’s possible to charge your laptop with HDMI or USB C cable & cord.

And luckily your curiosity is to know how to charge laptop with hdmi cable? charge your laptop with HDMI or USB C Cable in 3 ways, 1st HDMI-IN port, 2nd HDMI-in to USB-C adapter and 3rd is Universal adapter.

let’s explain them deeply one by one, we are happy to explore this knowledge with you.

Do you have a lot of questions in your mind like Does HDMI support power? or can we charge the laptop with HDMI? and the laptop charged by HDMI cable safe? or many others related questions.

So don’t panic we have your all queries answered.

There’s nothing more frustrating than the laptop’s charger failing. 

Then, before you know it your laptop, your main source of power for working, socializing, or watching films, has gone out of service and is a waste of time.

Before going down the deep let’s talk about some overview & intro about HDMI cable.

What is an HDMI cable?

An HDMI stands for High-Defination Multimedia Interface. Which is designed in 2002 and manufactured by HDMI Adopters.

It is used to transmit uncompressed Audio/Video data from one source to another HDMI port-supportable devices like TV, Computer, Laptop and etc.

It has many types, more than 8 you can check them here list, and the maximum range of HDMI is 50 feet. However, it may not work with all electronic appliances. 

HDMI importance in Laptop

HDMI Cable provides you with better quality Audio/Video data between TV, Set of boxes, DVD player, or another supportable device or a tiny amount of power that can be utilized to charge your laptop whenever you’re stuck.

Can we charge the laptop with an HDMI cable?

Yes, you can charge laptops using an HDMI cable, If it is supportable HDMI IN port or the charger fails until you receive an alternative charger.

If your laptop doesn’t support an HDMI port then maybe it will support a USB C port, because nowadays laptops are coming with C types of ports so, in this case, Yes, you can charge your laptop with a USB C cable.

Now come to the point.

How to charge laptop with hdmi?

With HDMI to charge your laptop Follow these 3 ways.

Way 1. Check Laptop supports HDMI-IN or OUT both ports.
If your laptop supports both ports then you are lucky, you don’t need to go to step 2.

You just need to find another device that should be HDMI supportable, like a TV, DVD, Laptop, etc.

Then put the wire on one side of the Laptop’s HDMI port and 2nd side put on the device’s HDMI port, simple now the laptop will start charging by HDMI cable.

Way 2. Connect HDMI-IN to USB-C Adapter.
1st find out HDMI supportable device Ports example. laptops, TVs, DVD players, and Blu-ray players. This technique requires an additional tool, which is HDMI-IN to USB-C adapter.

If you don’t have an HDMI connection on the laptop you are using, then this adapter will be necessary, You can buy it online.

Now connect the HDMI cable end with the adapter, and Connect the laptop with an adapter by using your USB-C cable.

Now you will see an energy symbol in your system’s tray (on the battery icon), Congrats on the laptop charging.

Way 3. Charge with Universal Adapter.
This technique calls for the usage of an adapter that is universal. You can buy universal adapters at any electronic retailer.

Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the adapter, then connect your computer to the adapter by using your charging tips or an additional cable line. (If your universal adapter doesn’t have the charging end for charging it)

Remember points you need to keep in mind

Before the apply HDMI or USB C cable for laptop charging, you need to keep these points in your mind.

1. Every HDMI port is not able to allow charging mode.
2. Some laptops do not have an HDMI port to receive charging( HDMI-IN port). Now times, the majority of laptops are equipped with USB-C ports.
3. It’s prolonged, and there are few risks in this method.
4. You’ll need HDMI-OUT ports compatible devices or an additional tool such as an adapter or cables.

How to check if your laptop has HDMI-IN or OUT port?

HDMI IN is designed to receive HD signals. HDMI OUT will be the device that receives these signals.

To find out if your system has one, look for it by looking at the HDMI port and verifying if there’s an HDMI-IN logo.

A different method is connecting one end of the cable with the HDMI port on your laptop and the second end to your monitor’s HDMI-IN.

If your laptop project to the monitor, this signifies that the HDMI port is.

how to charge laptop with hdmi or USB C cable
how to charge laptop with hdmi or USB C cable

Tools & Things require to charge the laptop by HDMI & USB C cable?

Universal Adapter, HDMI-IN to USB-C adapter, and HDMI out port devices (like televisions, laptops, Blu-ray, and DVD players) will require charging the laptop by HDMI & USB C cable.

Is the laptop charged by HDMI cable safe?

A low-power charge can damage your laptop. HDMI wasn’t designed to power your computer. Here are a few dangerous possibilities.

1. HDMI cable will make your laptop at a prolonged speed because HDMI can only support 5V, while a laptop charger consumes over 100V.

2. Does not have safety options when your laptop’s battery is charged to capacity.

3. Laptops may be short-circuited when both ports (laptop or any other device) include HDMI-OUT ports.

When need to charge a laptop by HDMI?

Well, there are no special criteria for it when you need to charge the laptop by HDMI or not.

But as per my personal experience, I would like to suggest that apply it when you have emergency situations like Charger broken, forgetting to take a charger, no other alternative backup charger, no power socket in your admin area, etc.

For Example, if your charger broke and you’re unable to replace it or purchase a new charger for any reason, then it can be helpful on temporary bases.

FAQ related Laptop charge by HDMI or USB C cable

How to charge the Chromebook with an HDMI cable?

The Chromebooks currently available have support for MHL in any way. MHL lets you charge devices via HDMI cables. You’ll need to have a Chromebook that can support MHL.

How to charge the Lenovo laptop with HDMI?

Plugin the HDMI cable into the point to connect it with the HDMI adapter cable to your laptop’s port.

Can I charge Laptop throw the monitor?

Yes, It is possible you can charge your laptop or drive your monitor at the same time with the help of a USB C cable. Make sure your monitor has USB C Port.

Why Laptop not charging with the USB C port?

Due to dust inside the Port or some driver issues, you will face this issue.

The final thought

It’s simple you need to check Laptop should support HDMI-IN or OUT ports. If it is then well & good or if doesn’t support then go for 2nd method HDMI-IN to USB C adapter it will definitely help you.

If this method does not work then finally, 3rd option is a Universal adapter.

But before trying this laptop charging with HDMI or USB C cord technique keep in mind this is a very slow process so please use it in emergency situations.

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