How to make a stolen laptop untraceable

How to make a stolen laptop untraceable? (19 easy effective ways)

Well, If you wanna how to make a stolen laptop untraceable, there are specific items you should delete before storing it.

It’s imperative to remove personal information such as contact num., email, credit card numbers, and other sensitive details from the laptop to avoid legal or ethical repercussions.

However, getting caught could result in a criminal record, fines, and even jail time, depending on the value of the laptop.

It is crucial to weigh the consequences before engaging in any illegal activity.

Purchasing a brand new laptop from a store that specializes in selling laptops to college students is one method to steal a laptop while appearing innocent.

This scheme is commonly used because Firstly, college students may be more willing to part with a newly purchased laptop, and secondly, the laptop’s owner may not realize it has been stolen until it’s too late, giving the thief ample time to sell it online for a profit.

1. Change the look

Looks matter when you do this type so to alter the appearance of your laptop, there are three crucial elements to consider.

Firstly, the size of your laptop’s screen. Secondly, the hinge your laptop has, and finally, the keyboard style you use.

2. Wipe & remove the personal record

To wipe your laptop clean, removing all personal details is advisable. Begin by ensuring that all your personal information has been erased from the device.

Once done, you can proceed with restoring your files. Creating a list of the files you wish to keep is necessary before formatting the laptop to remove all your personal information.

3. Change the operating system

Now is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your operating system to a new one.

Alternatively, you can acquire a separate hard drive and install Linux or Windows there or MAC to Windows.

4. Disable Trackpad

Most laptops and desktops come with a built-in trackpad that enables users to swipe left or right, up or down through websites, and even right-click to launch applications.

5. Remove or Disable the backlight (use bolted screen saver)

You may notice its bright, white illumination as you gaze at your computer screen.

However, once you touch it, the screen goes black. Turning off the screen causes the backlight to activate again.

The purpose of this backlight is to enable you to view the laptop’s screen even in dimly lit surroundings.

It also helps your eyes to adjust to the darkness and conserves battery power by not running continuously.

6. Encrypt the hard drive

To begin, after wiping out all data from your hard drive and encrypting it with a free program like BitLocker Drive Encryption, it’s essential to create backups of any necessary files before formatting the hard drive.

Moreover, it’s highly recommended to encrypt the hard drive again using a tool like TrueCrypt once you’ve formatted it.

7. Make sure the laptop doesn’t turn on

To prevent unintentional activation, the first step is to power off your computer.

Afterwards, you can opt to either hibernate or put it on standby mode. There are various reasons why this is recommended.

8. Throw it

Just because you’ve stolen a laptop doesn’t mean you should use it.

If the owner catches wind of the situation, they may request that you pay for the damages caused.

9. Disable the anti-theft setting

If all previous attempts have failed, another covert approach to prevent laptop tracking is disabling the anti-theft feature.

You can achieve this by accessing the BIOS settings and turning it off.

10. Change the IP address

To do this, there are several steps you should take. First, you must determine the current IP address assigned to your laptop.

This can be done by examining the computer’s settings or employing a tool designed for this purpose.

11. Install Strong Antivirus

By doing this, all traces of activity will be erased from the computer, making it challenging for anyone to track down the device and sell it.

Moreover, by installing antivirus software, personal data can be safeguarded from being stolen in the first place.

12. Encrypt keystrokes

To safeguard against the encryption keys and passwords being stolen, it is vital to ensure that your computer is adequately shielded against malware and spyware.

These malicious programs can quickly swipe the encryption keys and passwords, potentially granting someone unauthorized access to your sensitive information.

13. Disable the location option

The initial step to render a stolen laptop untraceable is deactivating the location services.

The process of disabling location services may vary depending on whether the device is a Mac or Windows, as well as its specific model.

14. Set a strong password

Strong passwords can help prevent your location from being exposed in case the stolen laptop is hacked.

In addition, setting a secret word or phrase can provide extra protection for the device.

To ensure secure passwords, using a password generator tool for your browsers and other online services while using a stolen laptop is recommended.

15. Stay Anonymous while internet surfing

Experts suggest taking all necessary precautions to maintain anonymity and avoid being tracked online.

This can be achieved by using proxies and avoiding public Wi-Fi networks.

16. Cover camera

Yes, when you will surfing the Internet please cover up your laptop camera.

17. Try to avoid Google, Facebook or Microsoft service

These are reported companies in the IT field so Google’s suite of services, such as Gmail, Search, Hangouts, Duo, Chrome, and others, have the potential to track your whereabouts.

18. Use a web proxy or VPN for surfing

Consider using web proxies to conceal your IP address while using a stolen laptop to browse the internet.

These proxies typically transmit HTTP requests and can obscure your internet browsing address.

How to make a stolen laptop untraceable

Tips to make stolen laptop untraceable

Even if you have successfully made the stolen laptop untraceable, it’s crucial to remain anonymous because it’s difficult to determine whether your approach worked.

  1. Conceal your IP address at all times.
  2. Utilize an unknown device.
  3. Avoid visiting websites without SSL certificates.
  4. Keep your records encrypted in a secure holder.
  5. Do not discuss stolen or hacked laptops with anyone.

Is it possible to make a stolen laptop untraceable and unhackable?

The only viable option is to unhackable refrain from connecting it to any network.

As for making it untraceable, you would need to disappear with it and become a hermit somewhere or hide it securely.

This approach has the disadvantage of rendering your laptop nothing more than a paperweight unless you have access to a power source and a variety of offline single-player games.

How you will be caught if you connect a stolen laptop to the internet?

Therefore, when the thief connected the stolen laptop to the internet, the email was transmitted, providing the public IP address.

After discovering that the IP address belonged to a local ISP, we alerted the authorities, who were likely able to obtain a search warrant for the street address from the ISP.

Can a stolen laptop be traceable after resetting?

To sum up, it is possible to track a laptop after a factory reset.

However, this does not guarantee that the data on the laptop can be retrieved.

The final

Stolen laptops are at a greater risk of being tracked down by their rightful owners.

That’s why we have guided how to render a stolen laptop untraceable.

To begin, unplug all external drives, detach the battery, and open the laptop’s case.

Afterwards, disassemble the computer and segregate its primary components. Finally, wipe out the operating system.

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