How to track a stolen laptop with a serial number

How to track a stolen laptop with a serial number?

How to track a stolen laptop with a serial number? send your unique serial numbers to the network of the provider on a periodic basis, which allows them to identify the serial numbers at a glance.

To ensure that your serial number is safe, it isn’t able to pinpoint the exact location of your device if you call your provider to declare it stolen. They are able to identify the gadget by just watching it.

However, even if the terms of your warranty for hardware state that the manufacturer does not provide a guarantee of recovery, certain manufacturer customer service departments will collect the serial number whenever you make a complaint regarding the theft of your laptop.

In addition, should you make a police complaint and the police will make use of the details to support their findings, for more interesting related queries stay with us.

Let’s discuss How to find a laptop with a serial number?

How to track a stolen laptop with a serial number?

How to find a laptop with a serial number? Notifying the network administrator about your laptop’s theft will alert them that the laptop has been taken off your possession, and they are able to trace it if an IP address change is detected. They’ll be able to identify where the connection is made.
This MAC Address of the best laptop thermal paste is composed of six groups of figures, which are joined by hyperbolas. 
This can also be referred to as a serial code, and you should keep this in case an accident occurs. It is also possible to utilize “Command + Shift + U”. It lists all network interfaces and the MAC address.

How to track a laptop without internet?

Police complaints are the best option in this situation, most laptop companies raise their hands.

How to track a stolen laptop without tracking software?

  • Use find my device.
  • Track IP with Gmail.
  • Dropbox is an excellent tool to track stolen IP addresses on Windows laptops.

How do police track stolen laptops?

How do police track stolen laptops? particularly when a team of experts cooperates with local police. This allows police to find the laptop faster and locate the laptop that was stolen, and they have various methods to track the missing laptop.

  • Anti-Theft Software
  • LoJack Software
  • IP Address for Tracking System
  • Using A Serial Number

Additional Methods How do police track stolen laptops?

There are various methods of monitoring laptops employed by local police as well as other organizations or developers. You could also try these techniques:

  • Gmail IP and Dropbox Sync
  • Prey
  • Hidden App

Are the police able to track my laptop that was stolen?

Police monitor laptops with the installation of software or hardware that help track the laptop in the event that it’s stolen. The components could comprise GPS tracking chips, or surveillance software put in place on the laptop prior to purchasing.

Can police track stolen Macbook Pro?

You’re able to still keep track of your device’s position even when it’s locked, as long as you’re connected to the internet. If it’s not online then the changes are in effect until when you connect your Mac is connected to the internet. Law enforcement may request you to provide the serial number for your Mac.

Is it true Can a laptop be tracked after a factory reset? let’s discuss

Can a laptop be tracked after a factory reset
Can a laptop be tracked after a factory reset?

Can a laptop be tracked after a factory reset?

Is it possible to track a laptop in the event of a wipe? Unfortunately, no. If the burglar deletes your hard drive or restores your computer back to the factory setting (using the factory restore method,) your computer can not be found.

Does a MacBook be tracked following a factory reset

If the device is erased from your Mac the entire data is erased from the device and it will be impossible to locate it using Find My.

How to track a stolen laptop with a serial number
How to track a stolen laptop with a serial number

Can a laptop be tracked?

Can a laptop be tracked? 1st visit the Microsoft website and sign in to your account. You’ll see the list of devices and you can choose the one you’re looking for and then click the Find My Device option under the name. 

After that, Microsoft will look for the laptop and inform you know roughly the location of the laptop, as long as it’s connected.

Can you track a laptop with the serial number?

The majority of times, it’ll show the area of about 1 km around the laptop’s surface. But, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly the location of your laptop with serial numbers by themselves. The great thing is that you’ll be able to locate the laptop even if it’s identified by the serial number.

Can I track the device by serial number?

The MEID or IMEI, along with the serial can’t be used to identify devices. Similar to apps that claim that they can locate a phone’s location using a phone number alone.

Without access direct or connection to the phone on time, the number will not be of any use even if it is connected to the phone.

Are police able to track serial numbers?

Law Enforcement employs serial numbers to trace stolen and lost property disclosed to them however, over 95percent of us do not register serial numbers, meaning that the majority of the items reported are never returned to the rightful owners.

Stolen iPad be traced by serial number?

It is impossible to trace the device using the IMEI or serial number. If you didn’t possess Find My iPad active before the device was stolen or lost, then you won’t be in a position to track it. The Find My iPad is the only method of tracking the device.

Can a brand new stolen laptop be traced?

Could a brand-new stolen laptop be identified? It’s not likely, there is very nothing that can be done to trace an unopened laptop. Had you registered your laptop, there could be a chance of a ray of some hope. If you’d installed an app for tracking or device (like Lo-Jack’s GPS locator) it could have been more chance.

Can a brand-new stolen MacBook be traced?

Concerning the serial number, Apple is not able to track the stolen property. It’s not the task of Apple to monitor property that has been stolen. Perhaps if you had verified your serial numbers with the police, it could have shown as stolen.

Find or locate a stolen laptop by TECHNICAL MAitY

How do Laptop companies track your laptop?

How to track a stolen laptop with the serial number HP?

  • Immdataily call HP support.
  • Inform the police about the theft. Give them all information and provide proof of ownership. This will be required to ensure that they return your laptop to you if it is found.
  • Absolute Software will contact you to arrange for Lojack for Laptops once the laptop has been returned. This allows you to report a stolen computer and locate it once it has been connected to the Internet. Read more here

How to track a stolen laptop with the serial number Dell?

You can report it to DELL support, but I think it’s not much you should also try the police, for more read here.

How to track a stolen Acer laptop with a serial number?

If a product has been stolen, there is no way to track it. You may be able to contact the manufacturer if you have LoJack or another computer locating software to try to track down your product, for more visit

How to track a stolen Asus laptop with a serial number?

  • Submit your case to this.
  • Phone or Chat with an ASUS representative in order to complete your report, for more


What can thieves do when they steal laptops?

If your laptop is stolen The thieves will try to dispose of it as fast as they can. They may sell it across the street to anyone willing to pay a price, money, and risk, for a shady inexpensive laptop.

Why laptops are stolen by thieves?

Criminals see laptops as a way to make a profit from the “investment”. A high-quality laptop could be worth as much as 5000 dollars. 
Criminals can offer laptops stolen from their homes to an unsuspecting computer shop or pawnshop and quickly receive as much as half the worth in cash.

Are laptops stolen frequently?

Another study by tech firm Kensington found that during the life of laptops, there’s a 1 in 10 chance that they’ll be stolen. The data has shown that theft is most often seen in public transport, offices as well as airports, restaurants, and hotels.

How often do laptops get stolen, according to the FBI?

It was reported that the FBI was able to lose 160 laptop computers over just four years.

How many laptops are stolen every year?

For background To provide some context, to give some context, the Ponemon Institute released a study that found that more than 600,000 laptops are taken or lost from US airports each year with 65-69percent not being claimed.

What happens if you buy a stolen laptop?

No matter if you knew the person, you’ve recently admitted that you have stolen. You might find you can see that your purchase (your money to pay for “his” laptop) was being monitored. Perhaps by the police or someone passing by.
It is possible that the rightful owner of the property has a tracking program installed, which alerts him of the theft.
A few thieves may be clever, but they wouldn’t consider disabling the WiFi or signing out of Google while using the laptop they stole.
Bottom the bottom. Do not deal with stolen items.

How to make a stolen laptop untraceable?

3 Technique is most common, thieves most do disable laptop anti-theft features and re-install OS and also they use proxy to a stay away from internet tracking.

Can a laptop be tracked if it’s off?

Yes, GPS tracking is possible for lost laptops. you can track it, just like a phone.

How to track a stolen laptop using Gmail?

You can track your stolen laptop by Gmail IP address. simply go throw these supports

Can a laptop be tracked after a factory reset?

Unfortunately, no. Your computer cannot be found if the thief deletes your hard drive or restores it to factory settings using the manufacturer’s factory restoration procedure.

How to track a stolen laptop with IP address?

After the thief uses it, programs like Advatrack and Adeona can find your computer’s IP address. Once the software is installed on your computer, it will start regularly updating the developer about the network IP address that the computer is using to access the Internet. 
You can log in to the website of the tracking company to access your identity and password, as well as information about your current IP address if your computer is stolen.

How to find and lock a lost Windows device?

Check this Microsoft support so you can find your lost laptop.

How to track my stolen laptop by MAC address?

MAC addresses are similar to IP addresses and can be found with tools such as Command Prompt. However, MAC addresses are not like IP addresses in that they cannot be searched to identify their owner.


The bottom line is that if your laptop has been stolen then, 1st inform your laptop company support service after that you need to go for inform “COPS” and then they will process it.

For making it easy you can install the LoJack application on the system, it can track your laptop.

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