Can we charge laptop in train

Can we charge laptop in train? (new 2023 railway rule 11 to 5)

Can we charge laptop in train? or It is safe to charge mobiles and laptops via the outlets in planes, trains, and buses.

People who travel by train typically bring laptops and recharge them inside the train itself if needed and looks for charging point in train

Searching for a charging point in train is one of the competitions in Indian railway.

However, it is recommended not to charge laptops during travel, or the battery in the train could be damaged in such a scenario because laptops’ lithium batteries are made of harmful chemicals. Which is why it is not permitted to charge laptops inside the train.

Let us explain that various reasons for not charging laptops while on the train are cited.

Many people have responded to this issue on Quora and explained why it is best not to charge laptops on trains.

Based on reports, trains in India are equipped with a 110V DC power source.

However, laptop chargers run using a 110/220V AC power supply. So advised them not to use laptops inside trains.

Due to this, laptop chargers on the train often don’t even work or become disconnected again.

Again, this is why it is recommended not to charge your laptop.

In some trains, laptops can be charged via the power socket.

Laptop chargers are more advanced and alter the power according to demand to ensure no issues.

In addition, many argue that the power output of the typical laptop adapter is about 20 volts, or three amps, i.e. 60 watts. However, many laptop adapters also have 150 watts.

In other words, using a laptop will put an amount of between 60 and 150 amps in the supply.

The power supply of trains is built to manage the basics of work, which means you shouldn’t charge the laptop.

Can we Charge laptop in train at night?

I think you are also one of those who’s looking charging point in sleeper class.

Indian Railways passengers will be unable to utilize the charging points in trains to charge their electronic devices like laptops, mobile phones, and so on.

At night, reported Bangalore Mirror. The transport company of the nation took this step to avoid fire-related accidents.

On the 13th of March, the Delhi-Dehradun Shatabdi Express was set on fire.

The fire started inside an interior coach and spread quickly to seven different compartments.

Fortunately, recorded no injuries occurred as the passengers were evacuated entirely.

Besides that, Indian Railways has also decided to take action against smokers. They are working on ways to intensify penalties for these crimes.

Presently smoking passengers on trains are slapped under Section 167 of the Railways Act, and those caught smoking are subject to only a small fine of 100 rupees.

Numerous fires occurred in long-distance trains because of mobile phones and laptops were overheating, which charged at midnight.

The Chief PRO of Western Railways said this order would be implemented across other railway zones, too, shortly.

Railways have also been contacted by passengers saying that they felt annoyed by charging mobile phones and laptops late at night by fellow passengers.

The report also mentioned an official from Indian Railways stating that the transporter’s national office had warned its employees, which includes AC mechanics, to ensure that they keep charging points open at night.

Additionally, the authorities have decided to conduct surprise inspections and take stern action against staff if any mistakes are discovered within train compartments.

The railways also have been contacted by passengers saying that they felt annoyed by charging mobile phones and laptops at night by other passengers.

What will be in the future as per Indian Railway?

Indian Railways has decided to limit charging for laptops, mobile phones, and laptops during certain hours to prevent fire hazards in trains.

Therefore, if you’re traveling between 11 pm and 5 am on trains, you will not be allowed to charge your laptop or mobile phone, points will be switched off from 11 pm. you can say power from the main switchboard will be shut down.

Because the railway board had issued, so switchboard for these points will be down.

Senior officials from Indian Railways told PTI on Tuesday that Western Railways already began implementing the new rules on March 16, shutting off the power supply to these charging docks over these six hours.

Suppose you think you have heard about this rule in a flash and are astonished to learn that this rule was in place prior.

According to Southern Railways CPRO B Guganesan according to the document, these guidelines are not brand new but rather a repeat of earlier directives of the Railway Board.

First issued these guidelines in 2014, when the commissioner for Railway Safety recommended that charging stations within trains should be shut off between 11 pm and 5 am, just after a fire accident in the Bangalore-Hazur S.N. reported Nanded Express.

The orders were sent across all departments within Indian Railways.

According to the officials, this reiteration of instructions came a few months following the fire dangers began to increase in certain trains.

The switch off of chargers on trains can be a security step.

This is because authorities have observed numerous incidents of minor fires that occurred on long-route trains due to charging too much for electronic devices.

In addition, many people keep their phones set throughout the night.

As a result, when the battery is fully charged, leaving the charger in place can lead to the battery overcharging When you take a train at 11 pm, ensure that your smartphone is fully charged.

If there isn’t one, take a battery charger on board. Don’t depend on charging stations in trains for night travel.

Did you know you can also charge your laptop in car with 5 to 6 simple way’s it just take 5 to 6 min.

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Earlier the railway board

I have seen the situation with my own eyes, earlier in the railway board features point of view people used to stand in line and used to wait for when the other person’s phone would be on the charger and then he would put his phone on charge.

Many times it was also seen that people used to come with extension boxes so that 3, or 4 phones or devices could be connected at once.

Can we charge laptop in train
Can we charge laptop in train

Is it safe to charge laptop in train?

As a frequent traveler on the Indian railways, I can tell you that it’s secure to plug in your laptop.

Specific sockets may not function in any way, but I’ve not had any issues with the ones that do.

Most sockets work fine, but checking whether the battery is charging faster or more quickly than usual is essential, and the socket might be charged too high.

This has happened to a few people whom I know, and it caused problems with their phone batteries.

Why Indian Railway did not allow the charging?

Indian Railway decides not to allow passengers to charge mobile phones or other electronic devices in the evening during travel as a safety after-measure view of the recent incidents.

This is in response to the recent incidents of fire that were reported on certain trains.

Recently, a coach on the train bound for Dehradun Shatabdi Express caught fire incident in the suspected incident of a short circuit on the 13th of March.

Just six days after, the fire started to rage inside the motor of the static goods train in the Ranchi station.

Indian Railways also decided a series of actions against smoking or carrying inflammable objects, which are believed to be the leading cause of recent fires that have occurred onboard trains.

Inflammable objects being carried in trains is a crime punishable under Section 164 of the Railways Act, and the offender could be punished with a sentence of between three and three years in prison or be fined up to Rs1,000 or both.

In addition, a fine of Rs500 can be imposed under Section 165.

Another instance of a short-circuit discovered within the city of Delhi, and Bhubaneswar Rajdhani smoking through the Duronto railway ran from Allahabad Junction to Lokmanyatilak terminal station in Mumbai, and other minor fires that were reported in the coach factories, garbage dumps, and in bushes within railway properties.

Authorities said that a number of minor fires, which have been reported on long-distance trains, resulted from excessive charging of electronic devices.

When does Railway recommend for safety?

In 2014, in response to a Commissioner of Railway Safety recommendation, the Railway Board had instructed that all zones shut off charging points between 11 pm between 5 am and 11 pm, just following a fire accident in the Bangalore-Hazur Sahib Nanded Express.


Mobile charge require in Train

A mobile charger needs 100 to 220 V AC input, with 0.2 Current.

The output typically is 5V/1A DC. The charger can perform the conversion with a step-down transformer and a rectifier circuit.

Laptop charge require in Train

Laptop chargers, a laptop uses the same input as a laptop charger, except that the input current is changed to 1-2 A. However, the output goes from 19V/3.5A DC. You can also use it similarly to a portable charger.


I am talking about the safety of your device. The only difference between commercial wall sockets and those used in airplanes, trains, planes, and so on is the voltage supplied by the socket.

It is typically one phase, 230V, AC supply on the ground. However, these portable power sources can provide only 110V single-phase AC power.

A lower voltage means that the charger’s output current is less than it typically produces if it is connected to a 230V power source.

Your device’s battery will take a little longer to charge fully.

It’s safe to use them so long as there is safety equipment in the power supply system, which is an assumption you need to adhere to with all the other considerations.

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