bypass the BMS on a laptop

7 steps bypass the BMS on a laptop for Repair & Reusing the laptop’s dead battery

Battery lifespan is the biggest issue in the laptop, if your Movies & Gaming lover or Graphic editor person then you will face this issue definitely.

Generally, a laptop’s Battery lifespan is 3 to 4 years max, if your caring person then goes to the max of max 5 years, after that, you need your laptop battery BMS to reset.

As per Freedonia’s November 2022, global batteries report battery demand will rise 12% per year, and this Rechargeable battery growth will be massive rising in the Electric vehicle market.

Before the complete solution on bypassing the BMS on a laptop, we will little bit of cover-up about BMS.

What is BMS?

BMS stands for Battery Management System, and BMS electronic system controls an electronic system that manages a battery that can be recharged cell or battery pack.

How does BMS work?

BMS (Battery Management System) has the straightforward task of monitoring the battery pack.

And shield it from any stray excursions out of the safe operating limits of the cells that compose the pack.

In general, the BMS comprises three major “blocks” that include the monitoring/computer block, the current carrying/disconnect block, and the balancer block for the cell.

Now you thinking Why do we need BMS? Well the given advantages of BMS will confirm you what’s the importance of BMS.

Why do we need BMS?

  • Monitoring the battery.
  • Protection for batteries.
  • Assessing the battery’s current state.
  • Continuously optimizing battery performance.
  • The reporting of the status of operations to devices outside.

Cause for BMS fail

  • The entire system doesn’t operate until the system has been powered.
  • BMS is unable to talk to ECU.
  • Unstable communication among BMS as well as ECU.
  • BMS internally communicates is not stable.
  • The collection module’s data is zero.
  • The temperature difference between the battery is excessively large.
  • Do not use the charger charging.
  • SOC unusual phenomenon.
  • Battery current data error.
  • The temperature of the battery is either too high or low.
  • Insulation monitoring failure.

Why do we need BMS to reset?

Why would someone have to do the BMS reset? Well, if you’re here reading this post, you’re probably there for two reasons.

It could be the battery isn’t workingand the second possible scenario is investigating a battery issue through the company’s Customer Service.

Don’t worry as we can answer your questions or related questions with complete solutions.

I’m 100% sure you’ll get the perfect solution and other helpful information about BMS.

Tools required for BMS reset

It depends on your device problem, e.g., which BMS battery you want to reset, the EV battery, or the laptop Battery.

For a laptop battery, or BMS Reset tool, you need to 1st install troubleshooting software, which mentions by the company.

For Reset the EV battery BMS you need a screwdriver, soldering iron or cutter, multimeter, etc.

Plus reset tool lets the latest cars or other devices reset the battery’s life after replacing batteries.

  • Safety gloves to protect your hands.
  • Wire cutters.
  • A soldering iron.
  • A typical multimeter.
  • A DC barrel jack receptacle.
  • A red and one black wire.
  • A flat-head screwdriver.
  • A screwdriver with Phillips is an added benefit.

What if we don’t use “BMS”?

It’s easy to recharge your battery using any charger that can limit the voltage and current to the battery’s capacity.

We will lose our battery health if we don’t use BMS, it is a safeguard in the event of a failure.

In the best instances, the charger will handle charging in conjunction with the BMS. 

However, there are BMS devices that can manage the charger as well. However, they’re costly, and I suggest using devices with BMS.

In the event of the BMS fails, then repair the issue first.

Now we will discuss Laptop Battery BMS repair hack Overview

Importance of BMS in laptop battery

The laptop BMS generally protects the battery from short-circuiting under charge, overcharge, and even over-temperature conditions.

Did you know why most laptops use lithium batteries? check out the full information on lithium batteries.

Do laptop batteries have in-built BMS?

Laptop battery packs incorporate the batteries management system(BMS) that ensures that the battery stays protected even when the conditions are not favorable.  

So what are the BMS software advantages if we install them on Laptop?

  • One of the benefits of using BMS software is the automated system.
  •  The tool also provides information on battery heating, capacity, condition, etc.
  •  Sometimes you don’t need to use tricks to make it reset. It auto fix the situation.
  •  The time-saving process is that you can do your other homework.
  •  In some companies, customer service checks everything online. For Dell and HP, you need to install that tool.

If BMS software doesn’t give you good results or you have 100% sure for reset the laptop battery BMS then follow these given steps.

bypass the BMS on a laptop
bypass the BMS on a laptop for Repair

How do reset & bypass the BMS on a laptop? (Step by step)

  • It is the first thing to do finding the connector that is positive and which one is the negative connector.
  • Then, take a look at the terminals of the battery until you can see any indication of anything.
  • Thirdly, measure the battery’s terminals pack until you notice anything that is over 9V.
  • Find Out Which Terminal Is the Data/sensor Output. Now determine which terminal is the sensor’s Data Output and fold it into half, without taking off the release liner paper.
  • Sixth Solder wires to copper tapes folded and add Connectors to the other one.
  • Now, insert the copper tape folded through the slots of the connector which was previously identified as the power supply’s positive and negative connection.
  • Put the Battery Pack Into Use.

Now we will check by laptop companies.

Reset Dell battery BMS

  • Remove the Power cord or shut it down. 
  •  Flip the laptop upside down.
  •  Please press the button to release the battery or the buttons to release the battery from the computer and take it off the computer.
  •  The computer can be powered on without the battery to boot fully.

One more tip for Dell users if you bypass Without Battery

  • Hit the Windows orb, and then click select the “Shutdown” option to shut down the system.
  • Turn the laptop upside-down and then pull the black clip towards the back of the battery.
  • The charger connects with the outlet and then re-connects.
  • Press the power button in the round shape to turn on your computer.

Diy Asus battery BMS Repair

We can bypass your Asus battery by 2 methods.

1st methods:

  • To bypass any output safety switch that is in the BMS, so that power is transferred from the laptop to the battery which means it can turn up, powered by a battery. 
  • Purchase a 3S BMS from Amazon and then wire it to the 3 cells (in conjunction with your original BMS)
  • The 19V output is connected to the BMS.
  • Disable the output of the original BMS and connect the output from Amazon BMS to the output of the original BMS.

2nd methods:

  • Take out the original BMS and then delete the battery percent reading.2. Install a “big” Buck SMPS within the laptop.
  • Rewire the cells to 6S to ensure that the batt voltage will be 21.6~25.2v
  • Inject the 6S into the buck, then feed it into the 19V input of your laptop, so that it believes the laptop is AC-powered.
  • Install a 6S BMS to allow charging.

Reactive Acer battery BMS

  • Remove the power supply from AC.
  •  Hold the Power button for 15 minutes. This will trigger a programmatic battery reset, which could resolve the problem.
  •  If your system has an unlocked pinhole for the battery on the bottom.
  •  Put a paperclip small enough to fit inside the pinhole that resets the battery and press the button for five minutes.

How to Reset MAC battery BMS

Well, Apple has these simple instructions:

  • It is possible that your Mac notebook computer might not be charging due to the performance level of the battery health software or the software settings.
  • It is possible that your Mac notebook computer might not be charging due to an issue with your battery or power adapter, or any other hardware.
  • If the battery doesn’t charge, Your Mac may require repair. Contact Apple or one of the Apple Authorized Service Providers to request assistance.

HP battery BMS Repair

For HP battery repair Use HP hardware diagnostics

Here is the page to download and install the most up-to-date HP PC Hardware Diagnostics.

  • After installation, choose the Start button from the PC After that, under All Apps choose HP help and support.
  • Select HP PC Hardware Diagnostics Windows.
  • The application opens in the menu. 
  • Select Component Tests, and then expand Power.
  • Make sure you have the tests you wish to run and then hit run them.
  • Click the Start Once button. 
  • Follow the directions displayed on the screen.
  • If the test passed on the hardware this means that there was no hardware failure. 
  • If the test failed it will show an error message.

How to bypass Lenovo BMS

  • Run Energy Management, then click on the icon illustrated below.
  •  Click Start.
  •  Shut down all programs running and connect to the AC adapter. Then click to continue.
  •  The entire process could take up to several hours. 
  •  Be sure not to use the computer during this time. 
  •  Don’t decide to cancel your computer during the time the process is running. 

Let’s Discuss BMS in Electric vehicles, it will just take 5 min.

If you’re an owner of an electric bike, there could come an occasion when your battery stops working.

Restart it as you would, setting up any other electronic device acting up.

You can do this externally by charging it quickly via its discharge port.

It is possible to do it internally simply by disconnecting your wire harness and the BMS.

Here we will discuss both options internally or Externally, I am happy you’re enjoying this article.

How to BMS reset in an Electric vehicle? (step by step)

The most effective method of resetting the EV BMS battery is to perform it externally, here it is.

  • Then, create the Adapter.
  •  Make sure that the Adapter is functioning properly.
  •  Perform the BMS Reset.

If you’re uneasy or uncomfortable working with others, it’s okay. It’s completely normal. 

Many prefer this method because it’s simpler. Please don’t apply forceful pressure to any cables or cells you observe.

  • First, you’ll have to utilize a screwdriver to unlock the cap of the battery’s top.
  •  Remove Out The BMS Chip Slightly.
  •  Unplug the wire harness.
  •  When the wire harness is disconnected, connect the charger to the battery. Your charger should be switched on.
  •  Then, connect your wire to BMS.
  •  Test the battery to confirm whether it’s functioning properly again.

BMS future in Consumer electronics and Automobile?

According to October 2022 new research report published by Future Market Insights (FMI), the Automotive Battery Management System Market is estimated to reach US$ 15.31 Bn by the end of 2029.

Shortly, electric vehicles will dominate the clean vehicle market and necessitate demand for revolutionary battery management systems.

Steadily growing demand for battery management systems in e-bikes and electric cars will squarely surge market growth.

Let’s take a Quick intro about BMS’s role in EVs (Electric Vehicles) or E-Bike it just take 3 min.

What is the key role of BMS in EVs?

Batteries Management System (BMS) with rechargeable batteries, whether an individual cell or a battery pack, is an essential element in ensuring the safety of electric vehicles. 

BMS analyzes the State Of Health (SOH) of the battery, records information, monitors environmental variables that affect the cell, and regulates them to ensure identical voltage across all cells.

A battery pack that has BMS that is connected to an external data transfer system or data bus is often referred to as a smart-battery pack. 

It can also have additional features and functions like integrated fuel gauges and smart bus communications protocols General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) options cell balancing, wireless charging battery chargers embedded in the battery, and protection circuits.

A smart battery pack is able to control its own charging, produce error reports, recognize and alert the device to any situation of low charge, and forecast how it will be able to last and the remaining running time. 

It also gives details about the current, voltage, and temperature within the cell, and continually self-corrects any error to ensure its accuracy. 

The smart battery is generally intended for use in portable devices like laptops and features embedded electronics that increase the battery’s safety, reliability longevity, durability, and performance. 

These features allow the creation of final products that are more user-friendly and reliable.

BMS in E-Bike

BMS controls the battery to power the e-Bike system.

You’ll see a variety of new parts within your eBike that traditional bicycle riders only have on motorized bicycles. One of the most vital elements is the BMS system.

How does BMS work in E-Bike?

Electric bikes have an engine and, because of their size and to lessen the negative environmental impact of operating the motor, it is powered by electricity rather than conventional gasoline or other fuel sources.

A single battery cell isn’t enough to satisfy the motor’s power needs. However, joining multiple cells creates one larger battery that can power the motor.

Some Tips for careing & manage BMS

  • If you use a brand-new charger, ensure it’s compatible with your charging battery.
  •  Extreme temperatures and cold can cause damage to the individual cells as well as your BMS system, causing major performance issues or the risk that your battery explodes.
  •  When a battery is left unattended for a prolonged period, the BMS system is prone to entering an uncharged state in which it thinks the batteries are more powerful than they have. 
  •  To recharge this BMS system, you’ll be able to keep the battery in a charger for between 12 and 24 hours, based on the time it’s been since you last utilized it.

Can we make our own BMS bypass? is it possible?

Yes, we can make our own Homemade BMS under 1$, here is the given below tutorial how to make homemade BMS.

Homemade Bms by Electronoobs

BMS related FAQ

How to choose good BMS?

Understand the Overcurrent Protection, Under Voltage Protection, Overvoltage protection, Cell Balancing, Connectivity features, and Temperature Monitoring features provided by BMS.

Can we reset the laptop battery BMS throw software?

Yes, in some cases, the laptop battery is easily reset by troubleshooting software. 

What if BMS failed suddenly in EV?

There are many reasons for this abnormal power supply, short circuit, or break in the wiring harness and Troubleshooting steps.

Which battery packs don’t use BMS?

Lithium batteries do not require battery management software (BMS). 

Does tesla use BMS in vehicles?

Yes, tesla use BMS in vehicles, and The Tesla Battery Management System (BMS) is responsible for taking care of the battery. 

Can we make BMS using Arduino?

Yes, you can make BMS using Arduino. You can check the given video; there are steps for making BMS with the help of Arduino.

The Final Conclusion

To bypass the battery management system of a laptop, you must first remove the battery. After removing the battery, the BMS board will need to be located. The BMS board can be found near the battery.

Once you’ve located the BMS board, you need to take it out of your laptop. Laptop immediately after the BMS board has been removed.

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